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1. I can depend on him to keep his promise.
2. I can depend on his keeping his promise.
Are both correct?
If not, please guide me with nuance of the grammar to correct.
  • truffe2miel

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    I'd say "I can rely on him", as "depending" implies a position of helplessness. I would tend to await something more, this sounds like a contextual sentence "I'm stuck in this wheelchair for the moment, but I can depend on him without any fear of being let down".

    "Rely" sounds more... neutral (?) to me, like "I can rely on him to finish this report on time", or "I know I can rely on him when it comes to caring for our baby".

    But maybe I'm wrong?


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    I agree with Srk. The first sentence expresses an opinion on the person's character. The second is an opinion on his likely conduct in a specific situation.

    Please tell us your source and the context you heard these in/want to use these in.
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