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I think that it would be helpful for there to be a more parallel indication of prepositions that go with the nouns mentioned within the entry for (English to Spanish) "dependence" (the English term to translate, "dependence", and the Spanish translations ("dependencia (en), drogadicción (por), adicción (a)). In some cases, the prepositions are listed within parentheses, in some other cases, the prepositions are listed without any parentheses, and sometimes, the preposition is not listed at all (although it appears in the corresponding sample sentence). The prepositions seem very important in relation to this noun in particular since they are not necessarily predictable going from one language to another. Thank you.
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    Thanks for your suggestion. :) As a general rule, we include prepositions in the Spanish translations when the English side includes prepositions too. Example sentences are also very useful to depict the usage of prepositions in both languages. In this particular case, the prepositions should have been included in the translations for the second and the fourth senses, so I've made some adjustments in this entry. Changes will be visible once our databases are updated in the next months.