Depending on how distracted she was

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  1. siyoung91 Member

    I always struggle with this construction in French, i.e. "how (adjective) she/he was".

    My attempt:

    En fonction de comment elle était distraite.

    That just looks and sounds wrong to me. Any help would be much appreciated.

  2. moustic Senior Member

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    Context, please. And a full sentence.
  3. siyoung91 Member

    "What she would tell me varied in relation to my age and also in relation to how distracted she was at the time."

    Ce qu’elle me disait variait en fonction de mon âge, et également en fonction de comment elle était distraite en ce temps-là?
  4. moustic Senior Member

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    Maybe something with "en fonction de son état de distraction" or "son degré de distraction".
    A native speaker will be along soon with something better ... :)
  5. Itisi

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    ce qu'elle m'a dit a varié selon mon âge et son degré de distraction
  6. leturc Senior Member

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    What do you mean by "distracted" ?
    According to the cambridge dictionary it means nervous, worried or confused because you are worried about something. ANd according to the Meriam webster dictionary distracted can also mean: mentally confused, troubled, or remote. In which case degré de distraction doesn't quite convey the meaning. If there is this idea of nervousness then I would rather use "préoccupée"

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  7. Micia93

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    I find the first bit rather strange, I presume it means "tout ce qu'elle me disait se modifiait au fil du temps et dépendait de ses préoccupations du moment"?

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