Depending on who you ask

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    How would you say this? It has a history (good or bad, depending on who you ask) of protest.

    il a une histoire (bonne ou mauvaise dépendant de qui vous demandez) de proteste.
  2. pieanne

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    I'd say "selon à qui vous demandez", "selon à qui vous posez la question"
  3. melu85 Senior Member

    "selon les points de vue" sounds better to me.
  4. Zacchino New Member

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    I would've said :

    Cela dépend de la personne à qui vous vous adressez (a tad heavy, but correct I assume)

    In english it would've been somthing like :

    It depends on who you ask.

    PS : I wrote "vous" and not "tu" because I'm assuming you're speaking to someone you don't know. If the person you're talking to is familiar, then of course it would've been "Cela dépend de la personne à qui tu t'adresses"

    Hope This Helps,

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