depolverizzazione (patrimonio culturale)

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Ciao a tutti,

I'm struggling with "depolverizzazione" in a university syllabus for a course entitled "Cultural Institutions and Policies". It appears in a list of bullet points detailing various sub-topics under the heading "Le diverse politiche di valorizzazione":

Le diverse politiche di valorizzazione:
– La depolverizzazione.
– Il racconto del bene culturale.
– Conservazione e tradizione vs. innovazione: contaminazione, contemporaneità.

My translation:

The various policies for promoting/exploiting cultural property:
– The "story" of the cultural asset
– Conservation vs. innovation: contamination and contemporaneity.

I'm afraid there's no additional context to suggest what kind of cultural assets we are talking about here.

The only definition of "depolverizzazione" I can find is very technical, to do with particles and gas. ?? Does it have some kind of figurative meaning here? Or is it a technique for cleaning artefacts? This is not a conservation course, I should add. It is designed to train people to work in cultural institutions (presumably museums, art galleries...) in areas such a digital communication, project management, promotion etc.

Stumped! Any help appreciated
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    I think it refers to ancient books and other printed cultural assets. Restauro di beni archivistico-librari, opere d'arte su carta e manufatti affini - Coo.Be.C. "...progetti di restauro, la realizzazione di progetti di condizionamento, manutenzione conservativa e programmata di archivi e biblioteche, la depolverizzazione di beni librari,...".
    I also found another version of the term, "depolverazione". It consists in removing dust from books. ---> "dedusting"?


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    Hi, Beluga
    nothing to do with particles and gas, I think.
    I've just learned the term is often used in road manteinance, in a very literal sense: removing dust (polvere) from unpaved roads using specific procedures... It is also used for cultural assets with a similar meaning.
    Whether the context you provided refers to an actual process of wiping dust off archeological finds or it's just a metaphor, I can't say for sure.
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