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Is there any cases that you can use 'deposit' as a meaning of not refundable money?

I know if the words is used in a bank, hotel, then, it means saving money in your account or collateral.

However, if it is used in a real estate deal, then, can it be used as a meaning of downpayment?(I mean the first payment, not middle or balance and NOT refundable money)

Also can it be used as a NOT refundable money when you purchase tour program from travel agency?
The reason why I am asking this question is.. going back to the past, more than10years ago, I've been to Australia as a backpacker and when I was buying a tour program from a travel agent, I was asked to pay 'deposit' additionally and I thought it was a kind of collatoral like hotel, but later the agent who sold the tour program didn't give me back the money. And I wasn't able to ask if it was a collatoral or down payment due to my short Enlgish speaking skill at that moment.
Until now it is an unsolved mystery if I was cheated by him or if the word ' deposit ' can be used as an installment or downpayment in certain situation.
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    A "deposit", when you place an order for something, commonly isn't refundable if you later want to want to change your mind and cancel.

    But assuming you go ahead with the transaction, it is generally then deducted from the total price you pay for the goods or service. In other words it acts as a downpayment.


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    Many thanks with your speedy and clear explanation, DonnyB,

    Then, I can use the word deposit either purchasing tour program or purchasing house, can't I?

    Then, in such cases, I mean the transaction situation that you mentioned, should I use deposit as a verb or nown or doesn't it matter?
    can u please give me a few example sentences which used "deposit" in a transaction?
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