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    In this sentence that explain any information of the UK's Vickers commission, that want to separate commercial banks and investment banks qhat is the meaning of the bold word?

    "The Act sets out the key provisions on "ring-fencing", the depositor preference scheme and the Financial Services Compensation Scheme, the "bail-in" powers (amending the Banking Act 2009), amendments to the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 to provide for stricter provisions on approved persons and senior management functions, provisions introducing the regulation of payment systems and the duties of the new Payments Systems Regulator (including the regulators' competition functions, their interaction with the competition authorities, and provisions restricting the disclosure of confidential information), provisions setting out the special administration scheme for operators of "financial market infrastructures", and numerous miscellaneous provisions."
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    Qual è il tuo tentativo?
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    Giusto avevo dimenticato di scriverlo....
    Io direi "piano dei depositanti privilegiati e piano di compensazione dei servizi finanziari". Non riesco a capire in italiano a cosa facciano riferimento...
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