Deprived Vs Needy

Hello everyone,

Are "deprived" and "needy" (context: not having enough social/emotional interaction, for example, for having lost a parent, for having a bad break-up, or being away from somebody for a long time, etc) interchangeable in the examples I made below?

a. John lost his parents when he was ten, so he is deprived Vs needy, even though his grandparents have always been there for him (emotionally and financially).
b. [Husband and wife talking on the phone]: Mary, I'm feeling deprived Vs needy. I'm missing you so much. I haven't seen you for days. When are you coming back?

Thank you in advance!
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    I would use "deprived" in the first one and either in the second one. However, the first one seems to lack something after "deprived",

    John lost his parents when he was ten, so he has been deprived of parental love, even though his grandparents . . . "


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    They differ from their points of view.

    Parents can deprive a child of its need for affection.

    A child can be needy even if the parents shower the child with affection.

    Deprivation is something that happens to the individual.

    Neediness is something that the individual requires.

    They are different words for different applications.


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    Hello Xavier. In the first case, I would definitely use "needy" rather than "deprived" because the child isn't deprived of affection, etc. He justs feels a need for more affection, etc.