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Hi all
Just checking, does this mean "since recently"?
Gen :)

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  • Jean-Michel Carrère

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    French from France
    also :
    French present + depuis peu :
    English present perfect + for a short while

    je ne vis à Lille que depuis peu : I have only lived in Lille for a short while


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    Original: Depuis peu, le résident temporaire ne peut plus bénéficier de ce régime mais a la possibilité de souscrire à des caisses privées .

    Mine: Since recently, temporary residents can’t benefit from this system anymore, but they have the opportunity to subscribe to a private fund .

    I don't like 'Since recently'. Could I replace it by : A recent change states that temporary residents...etc. ??


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    I am writing a cover letter and I would like it to start with "Depuis peu docteur en économie, ...". I don't know how to say it:
    - Recently doctor in economics, I wish to apply to...
    - Recently been a doctor in economics, ...

    Could you help me please?

    Thank you in advance!
    Having completed my PhD. in Economics recently, ...
    Cependant je trouve cette tournure très typique de la correspondance en français, un peu "claquée". Je suggère de regarder les tournures des cover letters dans la langue et de s'en inspirer.


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    Hello thea2000,

    I think I wouldn't start with that. I would simply start with 'I am writing to apply for the position of x.' and then 'Having recently completed a PhD in Economics...' - then go on to say why that makes you a good candidate for the post.

    Vinn's sentence is correct, but if you are applying for a job in the UK, we write PhD without any punctuation. I think they probably still use the punctuation in the US, which would make it Ph.D., or simply say 'a doctorate in Economics' if you have any doubts!

    Congratulations on your PhD :)
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