Der Soldat der Arbeit kann nicht mehr.

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  1. kynnjo Senior Member

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    The best translation I can come up with for this thread's subject line is

    The soldier can no longer go to work.

    ...but this translation doesn't make much sense given the context where I found it.

    Either a confirmation or a more accurate translation would be appreciated!
  2. Demiurg

    Demiurg Senior Member

    "Soldat der Arbeit" (soldier of work) is a term used for members of the paramilitary Reichsarbeitsdienst. It could also mean something like "highly disciplined worker".

    The soldier of work can't stand it any longer.
  3. fdb Senior Member

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    “Soldier of Labour”. Although this term was indeed used by the Nazis, it goes back at least to 1889 when Bismarck declared: “Wozu soll nur der, welcher im Krieg oder als Beamter erwerbsunfähig geworden ist, Pension haben, und nicht auch der Soldat der Arbeit?“ „Soldat der Arbeit“ means here simply: manual labourer.
  4. kynnjo Senior Member

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    @Demiurg & @fdb: thanks, that makes a lot of sense. The Bismarck quote really nails it.

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