derecho a la integridad personal

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    This is a right that is said to be constitutionally guaranteed in Argentina and I'm having trouble finding the legal equivalent in the English language. A right to "individual integrity" or "personal integrity" doesn't make any sense. A person with personal integrity signifies a person you can trust or who keeps his or her word. So no such right exists to this concept so I assume the Spanish right is something very different.

    Sample sentence:
    derecho a la integridad personal

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    Hi, I am Laura from Argentina. You are correct,this is right constitutionally guaranteed in Argentina and in some other countries such as Ecuador, Bolivia, Chile,Brasil, etc but I do not think that there exists an equivalent in the constitution of the U.S.
    I have seen it on different sites about human rights as " Right to personal integrity". Go to the page of the University of Minnesota (Human Rights Library)and you will find it there.

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    El derecho a la integridad personal es aquel derecho humano fundamental y absoluto que tiene su origen en el respeto debido a la vida y sano desarrollo de ésta. Es el derecho al resguardo de la persona, en toda su extensión, bien sea en su aspecto físico como mental.
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    Thank you so much, Laura. I did some digging around based on your recommenadation and it appears that "el derecho a la integridad personal" emerges out of human rights violations in the Americas and generally refers to measures taken to prevent torture and the forced disappearance of persons.

    I traced its origins to the American Convention on Human Rights (pact of San Jose, Costa Rica) which has been ratified by almost every major country of the hemisphere with the excpetion of Cuba, the United States (who signed it under Carter but then never formally ratified it), and, my country of residence, Canada. In Article 5, it states "Every person has the right to have his physical, mental, and moral integrity respected."

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    You welcome!!! We are always learning new things :eek:)
    I am glad it helped.
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