derivar a una persona hacia un lugar

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Good evening. What is the right way to say " derivar a una persona hacia algún lugar". I don't know whether you can say " divert" meaning desviar.
Si tú conoces a alguien que necesite ayuda, puedes derivarlo a mi departamento para poder incluirlo en nuestros programas.

My try. If you know someone in need, you can divert??? him to my department so we can include him in our programs.

Thanks in advance
  • fenixpollo

    American English
    "Lead" significa que el empleado acompaña la persona al departamento.
    "Direct" significa que el empleado señala el camino, que le da instrucciones a la persona de cómo llegar al departamento.
    "Redirect" sería apropiado, aunque para mí tendría el matiz adicional que otro empleado ya había derivado la persona al departamento equivocado.


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    Español (porteño) Argentina
    hi there! And what about when you are talking about a 'problem'? In this case I am in charge of the well-being of the rooms of the hotel, but if there is a problem with any room that its too much for me (technical problem), I won´t resolve the problem but I will '''''transfer""""" the problem to the Mainteinance department. In spanish I would say 'derivar' but in English it seems its not the case... But 'refer' sounds to me like too medical.. How do you guys resolve this problem?!!

    thank you!
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