1. Damnjoe Senior Member

    U.S. English
    I understand that "derivar de" is something along the lines of "comes from" or "is derived from". But can it also mean "leads to"? My example is from a system of canals for mine wastewater.

    ...las aguas se introduzcan en el sistema de canalizaciones que las derivarán al sistema general de tratamiento –planta- a través del túnel de servicios

    "Will lead to a treatment system" or "will come from a treatment system"?
  2. Chalenger Member

    Mexican spanish
    Well it is just my point of view, but in this case "derivar a" means divert (cause something to change the course or turn from one direction to another) or alter the course of.. desviarán/derivarán (las aguas) al sistema general de tratamiento...
    Espero esto te ayude... :)
  3. Cal inhibes Senior Member

    . . . will be led to the general system. . .
  4. Damnjoe Senior Member

    U.S. English
    THanks everyone. It confused me because in English "derive" means "comes from", it doesn´t go the other way around.

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