des conseils d'établissement

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  1. naf Member

    FRENCH-Arabic- Peul- wolof

    les données peuvent être tirées soit de documents tels les procès-verbaux des conseils d'établissement?

    Can we translate conseils d'etablissement by : governing body

    So we will have such minutes of governing body.

    Is that correct?
  2. xtrasystole

    xtrasystole Senior Member

    You should explain what 'un conseil d'établissement' is (you're referring to schools, aren't you?)
    That would help ensure the translation.
  3. naf Member

    FRENCH-Arabic- Peul- wolof
    It is related to academic institutions.

    it refers to school
    thanks for help.

    Peut-on traduire conseils d'établissement (referring to schools) in US english by: Governing body?
    Is that right?
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  4. Michel09

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    français - France
    ou peut-être : "school board" ?

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