des méthodes d’acquisition plus ou moins douteuses

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Hi everyone,

I have seen this sentence in a document about improving e-marketing campaigns but I am not sure how to translate it: Vouloir faire croître la taille des fichiers à tout prix peut engendrer des méthodes d’acquisition plus ou moins douteuses.

I do not know how to tranlate vouloir faire either in this context?

Any ideas?

Thanks :)
  • TheZoolooMaster

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    I feel like I need more context to offer a suitable translation, but some of the words are pretty straight forward.
    Douteuse should easily be replaced by 'dubious', and 'wanting to' could be used instead of vouloir faire.

    Gérard Napalinex

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    French - France
    Hi MelD

    Your confusion comes from your trying to translate "vouloir faire", whereas you should see "vouloir + faire croître".

    Here my suggestion
    "The will to have the size of files increase at all cost can lead to dodgy methods for acquiring data"
    I believe it makes sense, but how does it sound ?


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    Thanks, that makes it much clearer.

    To make it sound more 'fluid', I would probably say, "increasing your database at any cost could lead to the use of dubious data collection methods"
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