Des métiers et un univers particuliers


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What would you suggest as the best translation for this title of an article by Jean-Louis Beaucarnot (genealogist)?
"Des métiers et un univers particuliers." "Occupations and _____ _____" ? It's an article discussing common occupations in 18th-century France.
Thanks, in advance!

To give a little more context for the article entitled:

"Des métiers et un univers particuliers"

The opening of the article:
"Mieux approcher et mieux comprendre nos ancêtres parisiens, demandera de connaître à la fois les professions et milieux dans lesquels ils évoluaient et les lieux où ils vivaient, chaque quartier ayant ses population et ambiance propres."
Then he discusses:
Les charmes de l'ancien Paris
Métiers et professions
La stratification sociale
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    I guess "univers" would fit meaning 3b of the academy, pretty close to "milieu": "Ensemble de personnes formant un groupe social, un milieu particulier". Maybe "[social] background" or something?

    So that might be "Specific trades and backgrounds", if that makes sense in English?

    @constantlyconfused "particulier" would only apply to "univers", which would leave the jobs/trades unqualified (jobs and specific social backgrounds). Does not make much sense to me, but maybe it does in the context of the article.
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    It's hard to tell without reading the article, but I imagine it could refer to a host of specialized jobs ("métiers particuliers") that only made sense in a given state of society ("univers particulier"). For instance, a knife-grinder or a tinsmith. What do you think?


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    @constantlyconfused "particulier" would only apply to "univers"
    But if that were the case, it would be spelled particulier with no S.

    It seems to me that particuliers refers both to the univers -- (Paris) and to specific trades that the author considers unique to that place.

    "The Unique Trades of a Unique Place" ?


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    Thanks for all the feedback. I think I'll go with "Unique trades of a unique world." I've also contacted the magazine to ask if they (or Beaucarnot) might have a preferred translation.

    Bien merci!