des questions de cours

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  1. xzeny New Member


    Comment traduiriez-vous la phrase suivante:

    "l'interro était facile, on a eu que des questions de cours."

    J'ai beaucoup de mal à trouver un équivalent pour ce concept de "question de cours"

    Merci pour votre aide!
  2. misterk Moderator

    I suspect that the most idiomatic way to render this in AE would be something like: The questions were all on stuff/material we had already studied.
  3. xzeny New Member

    Thanks misterk, there apparently doesn’t seem to exist an exact equivalent in English, but your suggestion is a good workaround.
  4. Santana2002 Senior Member

    English, from Ireland
    Alternative: "The test was easy, we were asked the same questions as in class."
  5. xzeny New Member

    Thanks Santana, I like it.

    Would this work too?
    "The test was easy, we just had to recite what was covered in the lesson"
  6. Santana2002 Senior Member

    English, from Ireland
    That makes it sound like an oral examination. If that's what is being referred to, then your suggestion is fine.
  7. xzeny New Member

    Oh I see, this is because of the "recite".

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