1. matute New Member

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    Cómo podría traducir desagregado al inglés? La frase es: Posteriormente se expondrán los resultados desagregados por cada una de las cuatro delegaciones que fueron seleccionadas para esta investigación

  2. the_duke_of_doi_tung Senior Member

    Brighton UK
    English U.K.
  3. Iararo Senior Member

    Buenos Aires - Argentina
    Spanish - Argentina
  4. gary.cook Senior Member

    UK English
    Hi, the translation, I believe, is unbundled, as in "unbundled loop", something a telephone system operator rents out to god knows who, other telephone operators...
  5. bambooozler Senior Member

    subsequently they will disclose results that have been excluded by each of the four deligations that were selected for the investigation.
  6. gary.cook Senior Member

    UK English
    In this case I think "broken down by" would be better
  7. Traductora007 New Member

    I agree with gary.cook
  8. elsita Senior Member

    Mexico City
    English/United Kingdom
    I think you could also say disaggregated
  9. gimme.junkmail Member

    English & Spanish
    i agree with gary: "broken down by..."

    this word seems synonymous with "desglose/desglosado"
  10. pachanga7 Senior Member

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    U.S. English
    En algunos otros contextos muy parecidos broken down into (region) o broken down by (category)se encajaría bien pero con el resto de la oración que das (especialmente lo de "por") creo que va major results will be given for each...

  11. MHCKA

    MHCKA Senior Member

    In Mexico a "Delegacion" is a territorial region, The Federal District have 16 of this territories, they are like municipalities, more or less.

    Please see this. (Note: The first quote have an err, Mexico City is not the same that Federal District).

    So, with pachanga7 intervention, I guess:

    (...) will be show broken down into Delegations, each one of the four (...)
  12. pachanga7 Senior Member

    Southeastern U.S.
    U.S. English
    Okay, thanks for the clarifications.

    Actually there is an error in my original suggestion, in that if we are talking about breaking down DATA it would be BY region, just like for other categories.

    You could also say "break down the area INTO regions" if you were determining the regions yourself, say for a search mission.

    The grammar in Spanish makes it more tricky in translation but I have a feeling the original poster has already turned in the assignment long long ago....
  13. marianavc_2000 Senior Member

    Spanish, Mexico
    Hi everyone,

    Apparently this post is super old, but I'd like to contribute more to the questions in the forum. "Desagregado" is actually a statistics term (which by the way, I am having trouble translating). So, I will give you more of the context so you can get the idea:

    "Los establecimientos dedicados a las actividades Manufactureras, Comerciales y de Servicios, en términos generales presentaron una tendencia positiva en el número de establecimientos y personal ocupado total. De 1998 a 2008, las unidades económicas aumentaron 34.2% y el personal ocupado total 39.0 por ciento.Desagregadas las unidades económicas según el tamaño (determinado por el número de personas ocupadas en cada establecimiento), los incrementos más significativos en el periodo 1998-2008, se registraron en el estrato de las unidades que ocupaban de 3 a 5 personas con 106.3% de incremento en las unidades económicas y 99.3% en el personal ocupado total."

    The idea is that at first, they give the statistics in general, and then, if the economic units are separated according to the size, they give other numbers.

    Hopefully, this could create further debate about the possible translations, or actually finding the correct one so that other people can profit from the forum.
  14. gary.cook Senior Member

    UK English
    In a statistics text I'd definitely use disaggregate. Doesn't mean above translations are wrong, they're just not intended for a technical piece of writing
  15. marianavc_2000 Senior Member

    Spanish, Mexico
    Thanks, Gary!

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