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What is the meaning of desastre in following paragraph.

Saca sus libros para ordenar su biblioteca. en media hora tiene gran parte de la librería llena. Con la ropa es un desastre, pero con los libros, no.

In my opinion disaster is not appropriate.

Thank you
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    It's not uncommon to say that someone 'es un desastre' when it comes to handling something, like keeping her clothes in order.
    An example, 'Ella sabe mantener la casa en orden, pero cocinando es un desastre."


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    I think "desastre" can have a figurative meaning as mess.
    The translation would be something like:
    He/she takes out his/her books to sort his/her library. In half an hour has filled the library. Whit the clothes he/she is a mess, but with books, no.
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