descansos partidos

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    Hi everybody,

    Sorry if I'm getting this wrong - I posed this in general vocabulary and it seems it would fit better in this forum!

    I'm struggling with the phrase "descanso partido" or "descansos partidos" in a document talking about loading heavy items onto a ship using various types of lifting/hoisting equipment.

    Here are some examples:

    "En el descanso partido ubicado más cerca del conjunto motor-reductor, se deben retirar los pernos que fijan la carcaza partida, de modo que el rodamiento entero salga junto al eje de transmisión."

    "El eje con el carrete cargado debe ser alineado de modo que se presente el mínimo de interferencias al montarlos en los calzos de los rodamientos (descansos partidos)"

    All I can think of is maybe "unused part" or "resting part" but that sounds really wrong, does anybody have any better ideas?

    Thank you!
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    I think what you want to say is that the "load" is evenly spread over the load bearers.

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    Thank you Cris9!

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