Descargar la ira o enojo


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Buenas noches.

Quisiera traducir la siguiente expresión en inglés: "descargar la ira o el enojo".

Ejemplo en español:

Mi mejor amigo descargó toda su ira conmigo después de haber tenido un mal día en el trabajo y llegó a decirme cosas muy fuertes e hirientes.

Mi intento en inglés:

My best friend discharged / released / got out / got off all his rage/anger with me after having had a bad day and he went so far as to tell me very strong and hurful things.

¿Qué verbo es correcto para expresar la idea de "descargar la ira"?

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Muchas gracias.
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    I think the best option is "take (something) out on someone". We often say things like "she took it out on him", for example, it's understood we're talking about anger, you needn't even mention it:
    My best friend had had a bad day and he took it all out on me, even going so far as to...


    Spanish Argentina
    Thank you for your suggestions Almighty and Vocablo!

    So, I could say:

    She had a bad day at work, so when she arrived home he took out all his spleen/rage/anger with / on me
    He released / unleashed all his pent-up rage /anger with / on me and after that he felt totally relieved.

    Is that ok?
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