"Describe what these well known people know how to do"


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Hi everyone

I am reviewing a text book in English and Spanish and I come accross this sentence: "Describe what these well known people know how to do"
It is the intro for a matching activity. Students have to match some famous people with theis skills.
My question is: Is the phrasing correct? It does not sound very well to me but I may be wrong.

Thanks for your help!
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    It's much too vague. They probably all know how to read, most of them know how to drive a car, presumably they know how to use the bathroom . . . :D

    I would assume that the tester wants to ask something like "What are these people famous for?"


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    Yes, even if the intended answers are obvious (say, the people are Plácido Domingo and Tiger Woods), millions of ordinary people know how to sing, or how to play golf. 'Know how to' isn't what distinguishes Domingo and Woods.


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    Thank you both. I appreciate your comments.

    I think the book uses the verb "to know" on purpose to connect it with the equivalent in Spanish.

    The most important question for me is: Is the sentence "Describe what these well known people know how to do" grammatically correct? Even if it is not the clearest option.

    Thanks again!


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    I think the following would work.

    What are these people best known for?

    Of course Tiger Woods is best known for:

    1. Playing golf
    2. Cheating on his wife
    3. Getting his car bashed in with his own golf clubs.
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