Describing hopeless facial expression

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Can someone describe the facial expression of a person looks hopeless without using words like hopeless or despair but with some action verbs, such as eyebrows knitted?

The scene is --
a character bursts into laughter when knows a good news
then the character's face transforms into hopeless expression when he hears a bad news.

Thank you in advance!
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    I would say that "stare blankly" generally fits better for a person who was either dumbfounded or emotionally numb. Even so, I have found a relevant reference for it in a sentence by Celia Jon (apparently British English) in Enakshi Sings:
    All these Nepalese women and children stare blankly out into space, this awful sad stare of hopelessness, and they look so miserable, and if anyone makes eye contact they look away, and continue staring into space.
    In a different context, I might have suggested "stare as if into an abyss" for a person who had lost all hope. However, that doesn't really fit here because of the quick transition from laughter to despair. I'm not even sure it's possible to go directly from one to the other; it would seem a person had to enter a state of stupor first, in which case "stare blankly" would be quite appropriate.
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