1. MsR New Member

    Argentinian Spanish
    Hello everybody
    i'm translating an FBI criminal record and there is a word I can't translate into Spanish the context isthe following: "descriptors on file are as follows:" name:....

    I think it would be "the person decribed" but I'm not quite sure...
    thanks in advance
  2. greenheyes Senior Member

    British English (Cheshire)
    ¿Podría ser datos personales?
  3. Cubanboy

    Cubanboy Senior Member

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  4. stretch

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    –noun 1.a significant word or phrase used to categorize or describe text or other material, esp. when indexing or in an information retrieval system.2.Computers. a data item that stores the attributes of some other datum: a task descriptor.

    It refers to anything that describes the person. In Spanish, maybe "descriptor"(computer science) or "información identificatoria".
    Hope that helps.
  5. MsR New Member

    Argentinian Spanish
    thank you all!!it's clearer now

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