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    Hi, I am translating a quick phrase from Spanish to English. It is a survey for an Power (Electric) Company. The question in th survey is "Why did you choose the XYZ Company as your current power company?" One of the potetnial responses is this:

    Me ofrecieron un incentivo económico/un descuento puntual por darme de alta en Compañía XYZ.

    I am trying to understand "Descuento Puntual." I have found several sources and seem to understand that Descuento Puntual is a short-term discount, and seems to be an individualized discount based on individual case. Is this correct?

    Given the context, would "introductory discount" be a good translation?
    I was offered a financial incentive/introductory discount for enrolling with XYZ Company.
    I can only find one "definition" from multiple sources:
    Descuento puntual​
    : la entidad financiera estudia el descuento de un efecto comercial deforma individualizada. Dado su carácter circunstancial no es necesario instrumentalizarlo
    mediante póliza de descuento.

    A few of my sources:

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    Firstly, I should say that that Spanish expression disgusts me. It is very often, since ten years ago or so, specially in Spain.

    You have got the meaning: it is a one-off rebate/discount. The customer was offered an special offer, just because he changed his electric company. Maybe it was a 10% discount in the next years innvoices.

    Please note that that particular offer can be or can be not based in the individual characteristics of the customer.

    The meaning you have found is different: "descuento" in Spanish have two meaning (just as 'discount' in English):

    1) A bank discount = The bank gives you upfront an amount of money and you give them a L/C, an invoice or any other credit you have, discounting the bank an interest. That is what you have found.
    2) A discount that the seller grants the buyer for whatever reason: sales, loyalty of the consumer...

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