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    Hello, I'm attempting to translate a Caetano Veloso Song and use it in one of my Spanish classes as a cognate activity while also trying to expose students to other Romanic languages. Since I am not very educated in the Portuguese language of yet, I'd like to see if any one of you might help me translate the lyrics of the song, Desde que o Samba é Samba, and maybe give a little interpretation as the meaning of its content. Here's my (most likely poor) effort:

    A tristeza é senhora, = Sadness is a woman (metaphor?)
    Desde que o samba é samba é assim = Since Samba is (or has been) Samba
    A lágrima clara sobre a pele escura, = A clear tear over dark skin
    a noite e a chuva que cai lá fora = The night is the rain that falls outside
    Solidão apavora, = Terrible loneliness
    tudo demorando em ser tão ruim = Everything taking (so long) in being bad (?)

    Are there any Portuguese speakers out there that can help me interpret the song's meaning?

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    BEXI, I gave it my own try at translating some passages and correcting a few minor mistakes, but certainly your translation and use of Portuguese are very good, my compliments.

    Hope my suggestions could be of some use! And please, correct my mistakes!

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    Sorry, but it's very difficult to translate.

    "No quando agora em mim" é um verso que expressa uma das faces mais geniais de Caetano: ele não usa uma frase vulgar; usa palavras que são de uso absolutamente comum, mas num sentido não imaginado para o restante das pessoas. É a licença poética que faz ele dizer o quando como sinônimo de um tempo tal e junta a isto o agora que é o tempo presente...

    "No quando agora em mim" poderia ser dito somente como "No tempo presente em mim". Mas é muito mais bonito, poético, dizer "No quando agora em mim".

    Caetano Veloso tem invenções poéticas belíssimas. Não somente no uso de palavras correntes, como também na criação de novas palavras.

    Decifrar Caetano Veloso é uma tarefa bonita. Pode ajudar a compreender a língua, sim, mas é um grande e belo desafio.


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    I'll try to give you a not-so-literal translation. I did translate every single line, but added extra lines (in red) that could make it easier to understand how some of the ideas should connect with each other. Also, I skipped lines, thus creating stanzas that are not in the original. I did so to separate ideas that somehow seem to be independent from each other. Punctuation has also been modified. Here we go:

    The light tear on a dark skin, The night and the rain that remain outside,
    [These are things samba is all about.]

    Loneliness is scary... Everything that takes so long in being so bad...
    [These are things samba is all about.]

    But then something happens Here and now within me,
    [And that thing is my realizing that]
    By singing, I can send my sadness away.
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    This is my take:

    "Sorrow has prevailed
    Ever since samba came to be
    A clear tear upon dark skin
    Night and a falling rain outside
    Solitude frightens
    Hard times lasting so long
    But something happens

    Within me now
    Singing I send sorrow on its way"

    Alternates for "Sorrow has prevailed
    Ever since samba came to be":

    "Sorrow has prevailed
    For as long as people have been dancing samba"

    "Sorrow prevails
    As it has since samba was born"

    I love translating Brazilian songs, especially Caetano's.



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