desencadenar una disputa

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Good afternoon everyone. Bearing in mind both verbs means almost the same, at least in Spanish, I wonder if they are interchangable in English. In Spanish Trigger means something like " desencadenar" whilst Spark could be " desatar, encender la mecha. My query is whether they are interchangeable in the expressions below.

El presidente de Ruanda ha sido acusado de complicidad por la muerte de un anterior presidente. Este asesinato desató / desencadenó ( encendió la mecha) el genocidio de 1.994

The President of Rwanda has been accused of complicity inthe death of a former president.This killing sparked/triggered the 1.994 genocide.

El caso desató, desencadenó una importante disputa diplomática.

My try: The case sparked / triggered a major diplomatic row.

Are they interchangeble or there is a different nuance between them.

Thanks in advance.
  • Chris K

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    In many cases they are interchangeable, but "trigger" is generally the safer choice. The connotations of "spark" tend to be more positive than those of "trigger."
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