Desert my foot

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    Can anyone explain the meaning of the exclamation "Desert my foot!" in the context as follows:
    Another time we had two girls and a driver and they did classical and other dancing - again with a background of firing and all the lads thought them super and they even did the striptease act 'Seven Veils'!. My wife would write and say she had heard on the radio some comic that made her feel close to me since he was just back from entertaining the troops in the desert. Desert my foot! The big names never got nearer us than the snooty Officers' Clubs on the Nile - till after Tripoli fell.
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    Hi, you'll find an explanation for "my foot" in this thread:

    Logic, my foot.

    Also, from The Free Dictionary:
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    Note the comma in the "Logic, my foot!" sentence. I would also use it in the sentence you quoted: "Desert, my foot!" simply because it make make the expression more understandable to some readers.
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    Also rendered as My eye! (and, going a bit downmarket: My arse!)
    Personally I wouldn't use a comma with this phrase: there's no pause at all between the two elements.
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    No pause? My arse!
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    :DWell, there isn't when I say it, Brio.

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