Deservedly so

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Youngil Hong

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Can I use "deservedly so" in those cases??

1. Go to hell, deservedly so.

2. She's gonna get the prize, deservedly so.

3. I'd like to get the money, deservedly so.
  • panjandrum

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    English-Ireland (top end)
    (2) is OK - provided that you replace "gonna" with "going to".
    Apart from the fact that "gonna" is not accepted in this forum, it is incongruous in your sentence.


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    English - South-East England
    It seems it can only be used with statements: (1) is impossible because it's a command, and so I predict it would be impossible with questions and hypotheticals too. And indeed it is; these sound terrible:

    :thumbsdown: Do you think she's going to get the prize, deservedly so?
    :thumbsdown: Her husband will be pleased if she gets the prize, deservedly so.

    (3) is egotistical beyond the bounds of normal social acceptability. It could only be said as a joke.
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