1. LRose Senior Member

    Hello forum,

    I would need help translating "desgrabacion" the context is real estate promotion and investment.

    Muchas gracias
  2. Venezuelan_sweetie

    Venezuelan_sweetie Senior Member

    La Jerusalén de los Suramericanos.
    Venezuela --> Spanish -or something alik
    Could you please provide us with a full sentence? Are you sure the spelling is correct? Sounds like it had something to do with gravámenes...
  3. LRose Senior Member

    well the problem is that I don't have a sentence, which is my problem because I could have guessed a rough meaning then.

    I am doing a keywords study regarding a real estate company and that word came out but I could not find any translation. I also have it under the form of a verb "desgrabar"...

    Hope it helps...
  4. sunce

    sunce Senior Member

    Valladolid, Spain
    Español, España
    desgravar verbo transitivo to deduct
  5. LRose Senior Member

    thank you so much....
  6. Porteño Senior Member

    Buenos Aires
    British English
  7. Hausa Senior Member

    Zürich, Switzerland
    Spanish - Spain
  8. Porteño Senior Member

    Buenos Aires
    British English
    Of course, you're quite right, I wasn't paying attention to the context!:eek:

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