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    I've been using deshou so many times, but I used it as something that ask for an approval of an action like synonymous to 'isn't it'. but I've heard native speakers use this in statements as well like it was interchangeable with desu.. So my question is what are the usage and true meaning of deshou? Thanks!
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    I'm assuming you're talking about "deshou でしょう" at the end of a sentence, correct?

    Deshou could be used in a statement or question.
    Deshou in a statement could mean "I think...", "I guess...", "Maybe...", "Perhaps...", "It may...", "It will..." etc.
    (e.g., 明日は雨でしょう。It will rain tomorrow.)
    Deshou in a question could mean "..., right?", "Don't you think...?", etc.
    (e.g., そうでしょう? Isn't that right?)
    It all depends on the context, but hope you get the idea.

    Desu is basically "is".
    But you wouldn't use desu at the end of a question.
    (e.g., そうです。Yes, it is.)

    Japanese is so hard to explain! Hope this helps!!
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    It does.. Thanks! There are some confusions but it is now clear.. Thanks!

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