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Dans quel sens comprenez-vous l'expression "designated heartbreak" ? Je ne vous demande surtout pas vos idées de traduction car je n'en ai pour l'instant aucune à proposer, mais simplement votre avis sur le sens de ces mots.

Dans mon texte, le personnage divague, (on le comprend bien à la réaction des ses interlocuteurs), il tient des propose complètement incohérents.
Il dit : "He cried. He didn't mean it. They say you hurt those you love. Designated heartbreak. "

Merci beaucoup pour vos suggestions.
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    I'd probably think in terms of the paradigm, "designated driver": the one who among a group of friends at a party is decided upon to take no alcohol and can then drive everyone home.
    Could he be speaking about someone who is always heartbroken? Or perhaps the other way around, someone who always breaks the heart of others. My feeling is that there is an idea of all-or-nothing behind the phrase


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    I will throw out another possibility that the thing that is designated is 'hurting or being hurt by those you love.' So that's a designated, inevitable type of heartbreak ... hurt by those you love. Or, maybe moreso, heartbreak is an inevitable outcome when dealing with those you love.

    Perhaps. That's how I read it without more context. If the speaker gets his heart broken all the time, then yes I agree he's the one designated for heartbreak always.
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