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    Hi guys:

    I've just wondering what's the difference between the words: desiring and wishing, and is there any difference between wanting and liking? The four are the same? Are they synonyms? Someone who wants to make an example of this? Thanks =)
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    Hello Brenduchis,

    I would not say the four words are exactly synonomous. Close, but I could not use them interchangeably all the time.

    Desire & wish...

    "Wish" to me as a verb has a wide variety of uses.

    "I wish he would hurry up and get here!"
    "I wish I could fly."
    "I wish she didn't have to die."

    "Desire" as a verb is not used much here in the States; I'd say it's used more when talking about aspirations and seems to convey a stronger sentiment than "wish". "Desire" may be used more as a noun.

    "I desire to do my best in school."
    "I desire to live a meaningful life."
    "My desire is that you and sister are reconciled."
    "My only desire is to please you."

    "Want" & "like"

    You can like something but not want it, but usually what you want, you like.

    "I want a Coke, please."
    "I want children/I desire to have children."
    "I want you/I desire you" has different connotations than "I like you."
    "I wish you" has no meaning. "I wish you joy and happiness" does.

    Hope that short rambling helped! :)

  3. Brenduchis Senior Member

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    O_O goshh!! Those were really good examples, thank you so much *hugs tight* Now I get it... :)
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    Cool~:D glad to help
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    Good job KS!, very impressive and professional, this is what makes this place a great learning experience.

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    Impresionante!!! Impressed... Thank you very much!!!
    desde Argentina

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