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    Hi everybody:

    I am a Legal Spanish Instructor (New York Criminal law). I am having difficulty in translating"Desk Appearance Ticket (DAT)" into Spanish. A Desk Appearance Ticket (DAT) is a written notice issued by a police officer requiring a defendant to appear in court at a later date to respond to an accusation that you have committed an offense. I think that if I translate this concept literally, it doesn't mean anything closed to what really is. This is my attempt: Notificación de comparecencia en la Corte. What do you think? Suggestions are welcome. Thank you in advance.
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    No objection, but it fails to capture the "ticket" portion of the source. How about "aviso de infracción"?

    I realize that mine fails to capture "appearance," which we could add, but then it might become too long.
  3. rakelita40 Senior Member

    I like aviso de infracción a lot!!! What do you think about "Aviso de citación por infracción"? It may be more accurate...
  4. robjh22 Senior Member

    U.S.A. & English
    I like the way it sounds, but ...

    I'm afraid that adding "aviso" to "citación" may be redundant. You know what I mean?

    Spanish is not my first language, so I need to bow out and let you and the native speakers opine.

    Good thread, though.
  5. rakelita40 Senior Member

    Thank you very much, but I'll use your option ;)

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