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In this sentence below:

The project helps develop policies and guidelines, such as Safe Motherhood Protocols for Health Centers. Once finalized, these protocols require job aids for staff such as posters, desk reminders or treatment kits, and the project's partners help develop and print these.

What does "desk reminder" mean? I can't find it in dictionaries.

Thank you.
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    Good question, Camlearner. I think a "desk reminder" would be a little plaque or sign that you could place by or on your desk. This object would be imprinted with some slogan such as "Remember to wash your hands before and after touching patients".

    I'd be really surprised if you actually found a definition for "desk reminder" in a dictionary. You might find it in a glossary of technical terms published by some company that makes these things.
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    In England, it is common to have small desktop trinkets on your desk. They are often silly things like soft toys, or a small piece of art. They are typically nothing to do with work. I assume they are called a desk reminder because they remind you of 'life' outside of work.

    So they are saying they would give you posters, and something you can put on your desk at work.

    Although, the fact this didn't come up with a google search makes me doubt it, and wonder why I always thought that was a name for them.
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