1. Ayelencitaa New Member

    Hi everybody I need you help translating this word: Desmut.

    i read it in a context where was explaind a process that is made to aluminium.

    I attach a picture here:

  2. esance

    esance Senior Member

    Hola Ayelencitaa,

    Desmut is the opposite of a caustic solution such as lye. Desmut (normally ferric acid based) eats the non aluminum metals off the surface presenting a purer aluminum surface to be anodized. I include desmut in the advanced anodizing kit for folks doing unknown or non typical 6000 series alloys. It could come in handy and does not hurt to use it on all aluminum alloys.

    Encontre esto aquí:


    Parece que sea ácido férrico pero espera más opciones!!
  3. Lis48

    Lis48 Senior Member

    York, England
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    I don´t know technically, but perhaps think of the word as de-smut i.e. remove the smut (carbon/soot/dirt).

    EDIT: Esance's asnwer sounds much more technical but the origin will be de-smut.
  4. esance

    esance Senior Member

    Yes, I agree with Lis48, I red the complete information and they was speaking about de-smut. (here we only can copy some lines!)

    Pls Ayelencita read all the information!

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