Desperate for reliable labor and buoyed by soaring prices


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Hello everyone,

From the book Thank You for Being Late by Thomas Friedman.

Something strange is happening at farms in upstate New York.
The cows are milking themselves.
Desperate for reliable labor and buoyed by soaring prices, dairy operations across the state are charging into a brave new world of udder care: robotic milkers . . .

I'm not sure I understand correctly the phrase in question.
Does it mean that farmers, being unhappy with their current workers, wanted more qualified ones and their desire for more qualified workers was encouraged/supported by rising prices, i.e. thanks to more qualified workforce farmers hoped to sell more milk for higher prices?

Does this what the phrase in question suggest?

Thank you.
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    [QUOTE="Michael30000, post: 17731679, member: 724715"]Is this what the phrase in question suggests?[/QUOTE]Desperate for reliable labor = they could not find any reliable1 workers.
    and buoyed by soaring prices = and with optimism that came from rising dairy product prices

    1 reliable has absolutely nothing to do with qualifications - basically it means "Will he turn up for work regularly and do a good job?"


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    With rising dairy prices they had more money from selling milk and with that money they could afford to buy expensive milking machines. It cost more than the workers to start but the reliability means they will have a better outcome in the long run because the machines will always be there.
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