...despite one praying earnestly and repeatedly, it may signify that some believers...

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When there are no signs of proof despite one praying earnestly and repeatedly, it may signify that some believers have discarded their faith, resulting in a state of many in mind, many in body.

The above sentence is from Nichiren Shu magazine. [According to the religion, we should be united in propagation of the religion. If we have different ideas and think differently in our propagation approach, although there are many of us, it is hard to propagate the religion. That's why we must be many in mind, one in body, not many in mind, many in body.]

Is 'one' correct in relation to 'some believers'? I think 'our' should replace 'one', because of 'believers'. Am I correct?

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    It depends what is intended. "One" would indicate the individual believer who is reading this, and of course whether the prayer is earnest is really only known to the person themselves. "Our" would also be acceptable and would refer to all believers involved in the prayer, not just the "some believers". We can't tell from this sentence which of the two meanings was actually intended so by default we would assume that it's the meaning as written.
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