despues de advertido del derecho que le asiste. . .

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    I am struggling with the following phrase in a legal document and appreciate your help: Leido por mi, la notaria, este instrumento a la compareciente por su eleccion en alta voz y en un solo acto, despues de advertido del derecho que le asiste de hacerlo por si, conforme con su contenido lo ratifica y firma conjuntamente conmigo.

    My transalation is: Having read by me, the Notary, this instrument to the appearing parties by their choice spoken loudly in a single act, after advising of the right to assist themto do it for them, confirming the content it is ratified and signed jointly with me.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you
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    Mi intento:
    '......after advising her (them?) of her right to read it herself, being in agreement with the content, she ratifies it and signs it jointly with me.'
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    Thank you very much!!!

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