dessert person??

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Hellow ^_^ there's a question that has been stuck in my head for a couple of weeks now so I decide to ask you guys :)
While watching some tv series I noticed people uses "dessert person" or "car person"...etc to talk about those who love these things. Is that a structure or something like that? Like, can I put any noun in it?...^_^
This may be a silly question but thanks for your help anw :p
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    I'm not sure it's a "structure" so much as just a way of saying "a person who likes x." It's often used in the negative -- "I'm not a dessert person" = "I don't really like desserts."

    You can replace "dessert" with any thing or activity.


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    Hi, welcome to WRF,

    Yes, you can use it with many nouns "He is a <noun> person." = "He is a person who really likes <nouns>." or "He is a person who takes a great interest in <nouns>."

    A: "Do you like cats?"
    B: "No, I am a dog person."
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