destinataire final



Le destinataire final restant, toujours, une population élargie, multiculturelle et émancipée, les mécanismes de garantie de la sujétion et de la liberté se redistribuent dans les expériences historiques que procure l’entreprise méta-nationale:

While those for whom they are finally intended remain, still, an enlarged, multicultural and emancipated population, the mechanisms of safeguard of subjection and of freedom are differently allocated in the historical experiences obtained through the metanational venture :

I know that in the post office it is: addressee or recipient. Here we have a philosophical (poilitical) text and the "destinataire" is the population "receiving" a complex kind of governance. I find my effort: "those for whom they are intended" is clumsy and am not happy with "those" (plural) being followed "population" (singular). So anyone got a sleeker way of translating "destinataire" in this context?
Can I just use recipient?
  • Cobo

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    What about "beneficiary" or "recipient" do they make sound like the population is assisted and passive? Have a nice day, Cobo