destination for delivery - place of delivery

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Hello all,

can someone please clarify the meaning/difference between "destination for delivery - place of delivery" in the following context:

"The Buyer shall bear any additional costs for remedying a defect which the Seller incurs when the Product is located elsewhere than at the destination for the Seller’s delivery to the Buyer stated at the formation of the contract, or – if no destination has been stated – the place of delivery"

Thanks in advance
  • Packard

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    It sounds like the product, instead of being delivered to the company's place of business it is "site delivered". For example if you are a construction company located on Main Street, USA, but the construction materials need to be delivered to Manufacturing Way, USA. Then the Manufacturing Way becomes the destination of delivery.

    If instead, the goods are placed in the construction company's warehouse then that be the place of delivery.
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