1. Profe Rowe New Member

    I had two students who speak Spanish at home use the word "destornudar" instead of "estornudar" for "to sneeze". Later, a student who spent the summer in la Republica Dominicana said she also learned "destornudar" while there. I can't find destornudar nor any similar word in any dictionary. Is a poor pronunciation of estornudar or is it considered correct in some countries?
  2. Rinoa1984

    Rinoa1984 Member

    Alicante, Spain
    In Spain we always say "estornudar", I have never heard "destornudar". Maybe in other countries is correct, I have no idea, but at least in Spain it isn't ;)
  3. Here I am Senior Member

    Buenos Aires
    Argentinean Spanish
    I'm from Argentina and I've never heard that word before... We say "estornudar".
    Maybe somebody else can help you... I´m sorry..., I don´t know. :eek:
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  4. Maihue Senior Member

    Spanish, Chile
    Not here, either; I think it's simply incorrect in proper Spanish.
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  5. aurilla Senior Member

    Puerto Rico
    Am Eng/PR Spanish
    "Destornudar" is incorrect. It should be "estornudar".
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  6. dirdam Member

    spanish from Madrid
    Or probably your students were pulling your leg with that word? Its another possibility.
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  7. Boricristo Member

    Florida/Puerto Rico
    Puerto Rican Spanish/American English
    Destornudar no existe. Cuántas veces he tenido que corregir a los míos cuando visito Puerto Rico.
    Dicen destornudar creyendo que está bien y que la 'd' añadida causa que la palabra suene correcta.
    Qué ignorancia, jajaja. Pero es estornudar.
    Es que por tantas palabras y letras que omitimos nosotros los boricuas (en especial), nos confundimos cuando encontramos una palabra que SÍ es correcta pero nos suena mal. Como la palabra 'desbaratar', muchos boricuas dicen, 'esbaratar'.
    Y por ende cuando quieren hablar bien, le añaden la 'd' a todo lo que no la tenga! Y VISA VERSA. ¡Qué revolu!
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  8. vgab New Member

    Found this thread because I heard my friend said "destornudar", indeed it doesn't exist, it's estornudar. Also in my country Nicaragua some people from the north say "destornudar", it is not considered good in any country since it doesn't exist. The problem is to correct everybody who says and learns it it wrong :S

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