destumieran sin apuro

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Hola foreros,
Could any help with the following:

"El viejo inefable, inmóvil, dejó que sus años, expresados en aquellos segundos infinitos, se abrieron paso enel cerebro del muchacho y lo desentumieran sin apuro."
"The ineffable old man, rock still, allowed his years, expressed in those infinite seconds, to open up some space in the boy’s brain and lo desentumieran sin apuro."
Any suggestions for translation of the sentence, especially the highlighted bit.
Thanks in anticipation.
  • Antpax

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    Spanish Spain

    Never had I seen either, but I looked it up in DRAE and found out that "desentumir" is the same as "desentumecer", that I think in English is "get stiffness out of", but better wait for someone who speaks a better English than mine.


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