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Spain, Catalan

I am a linguistics student and I am interested in doing a little project which focus on the study and comparison of greetings in different languages and I am including Japanese in my research. I'd like to know if there is any resource or book which explains Japanese greetings very detailed: formal, standard, informal or slang etc. Until now I've just found the most common and standard uses and forms.

I would be very grateful if someone could help me!!
  • mikun

    Senior Member
    There are some of the variations for using formal greetings.
    If it is wedding party, you must not use cut, end or some other deviding or ending word. you must use insert knife for cake cut, and you must use open for end of wedding party.
    If it is funeral, you must not use merry, or waiting or other sad decreasing words.
    You must use old bill when you give the money to the family memberes to show your sorrow.
    If it is letter writing, we have huge protocol, to bigin with first salutation, seasonal greeting, his/her family health, and so on, real content, and last salutation, name...
    You had better to focus on 1 subject.
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