Detangle - does this word exist?

Discussion in 'English Only' started by Harry-Potter, Feb 18, 2014.

  1. Harry-Potter

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    I was looking for a word that means to comb hair in such y way to remove all the tangles in hair. I looked it up in a Polish-English dictionary and I found the word 'detangle' which unfortunately isn't found in any English dictionaries. And I checked against dictionary . com, WordReference dictionary and Merriam Webster. My question is does this word exist? If so, do you use it? If not, what word do you use to describe the action I mentioned at the beginning of this post?
  2. ESustad Senior Member

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    'Untangle' is the word.
  3. JustKate

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    Untangle is considerably more common. But I think if you're talking about combing your hair, you don't need to use either untangle or detangle. It's assumed, at least by me, that if a person combs or brushes his hair, he's untangling it.

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  4. PaulQ

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    Yes it is.
    No, my hair is relatively short and does not tangle. But my wife uses it.

    It is relatively recent.

    "OED: "detangle, v.

    Etymology: < de- prefix + tangle...>

    trans. To remove tangles from (hair). Also intr.
    1979 Hair Winter 47/3 Five attachments that style, shape and detangle the hair.
    2000 Herald (Glasgow) (Electronic ed.) 21 Oct., The secret with gloss is to experiment. Start by applying a tiny amount to dried, finished styles and work up to using it to detangle coarser, wet hair."
  5. Harry-Potter

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    You're right. However, sometimes the situation may require to be more specific. I just thought of this situation when the hair is so tangled up that it needs a lot of effort to bring it back to the normal state. Would you still use 'comb' in this situation. If so, are you able to think of a situation when you'd choose 'untangle' over 'comb'?

    PaulQ, I worded my sentence imprecisely. I meant to write 'any English dictionaries that I checked.' :)
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  6. Packard

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    Our company makes parts from wire and certain configurations will tangle badly. We always use the term "untangle". I have never heard anyone ever use "detangle".

    Other choices include: disentangle, unravel, unsnarl, straighten out, untwist, untwine, unknot (source: Google synonyms)
  7. PaulQ

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    No problem. The OED is only available by (expensive) subscription or, if you are fortunate, (me) through a library or university.
  8. JamesM

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  9. Susan Y Senior Member

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    The verb "detangle" in relation to hair seems in common use, whether or not the dictionaries have caught up with the word. Certainly I use it regularly - "I need to detangle my hair before I wash it." For this process I use a detangler - a hair product made by Palmolive ( The label says: Get ready to detangle your hair with Palmolive Fashion Girl Detangling Spray). I also have a special detangling comb.
  10. Jasquil

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    When I want to describe the hair which just is not tangled (not because of having been combed, I don't mean shiny or smooth), can I say "Your hair's untangled now, so don't ask me to comb." According to all the posts above, I take it untangled functions as a verb rather than an adjective.
  11. Packard

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    I hear "untangle" more often than detangle.
  12. Jasquil

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    Do you have any adjective to describe someone's hair which is not tangled without conveying the meaning that their hair has just been untangled/combed out the tangle?
  13. Only Packard has mentioned what to me is the best alternative: disentangle.
  14. sumelic Senior Member

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    I thought of "disentangle" when I say the title of the thread, but I feel like it's used more often when there's a sense of separating two distinct things; for some reason, I prefer "untangle" for the sense "remove tangles from hair".
  15. Sparky Malarky

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    I have never heard "untangle." I've never heard detangle used as a verb either, but I have heard of detanglers.
  16. Packard

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    The company I work for manufactures wire forms in various shapes. Some shapes, like S-hooks, tangle badly. Tangled parts are so frustrating for some workers that even though they are being paid by the hour they have been known to walk off the assembly line.

    I get calls on occasion asking how best to "untangle" parts. I never hear people asking how to "detangle" parts however.

    I don't know if this is our industry's jargon or a general use word, but I suspect the latter. In any case I do hear this word and I hear it several times a year.
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