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  1. iron mann Member

    Hi everybody,

    I'm looking for an expression in English and perhaps some of you can help me.
    So here's the thing:
    How would you refer to what is determined by a law? To the orders and commends that are found in it?
    1- the determinations of the law;
    2- the provisions of the law;
    3- the resolutions of the law;
    4- (another option);

    Number 1 would be more logical, as it is the derivation of the verb "determine", but the entrances I found on google appeared to refer to something else rather than the orders given by a law.
    Number 2 seems to be very common but I wonder if the meaning is the one I'm looking for, because the dictionaries say a provision is "
    condition, or stipulation formally incorporated in a document; proviso" or a "a clause in a law, legal instrument, etc., providing for something" (here)
    . So maybe not every order in a law is a provision.
    Number 3 isn't very common, at least in google.

    So how would you say that?

    Thank you very much in advance,
  2. lucas-sp Senior Member

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    I think I would call them "provisions." Can you give a specific example?
  3. entangledbank

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    I think 'provisions' is the general term - 'provide' is quite wide in a legal sense. It means more like "specify" or "declare" than its everyday meaning "supply".
  4. Egmont Senior Member

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    Of these three words, provisions are the only thing a law can have. The specifics of the law are defined by its provisions.

    People have resolutions and determinations. Those resolutions and determinations may be based on what the law says, but a law by itself cannot have them.
  5. iron mann Member

    I was wondering why I didn't get any answer to my thread when I realized that the notification e-mail of your answers ended up in my spam box. :)
    Anyway thank you very much for your help.
    Lucas-sp, the context is the following: I have to write a list of the specific "orders" of a law and I didn't know how to call them. But I now think that provisions, according to your answers, is the best choice.
    Thank you

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