Determiners + possessives

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Hi there!

Please take a look at the following sentences:

-This is my brother’s employee, Antonio.
-This is Antonio, an employee of my brother’s.

I don't see much difference between them, apart that the first one seems to focus more on the fact that Antonio works for my brother, while the second one adds that info just as a side comment.

Now, is that really a matter of choice? Is there any situation where the structure DETERMINER + NOUN + OF + POSSESSIVE is mandatory, or necessary?

Thank you very much.
  • gasman

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    There is one other factor. "This is my brother’s employee, Antonio." implies that Antonio is the only employee, while "This is Antonio, an employee of my brother’s." implies that he is one of several. As a result the determiner is required to be specific as to Antonio's position.
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