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Good morning. I have a doubt as to how dashes and hyphens would be used in Spanish. Here is the sentence in English:

"In figuring your monthly income--what you earn before taxes..."

My question is, in Spanish, would you ever use that double dash or would you use punctuation? Example:

Determinar su ingreso mensual; lo que gana antes de pagar contribuciones or....
Determinar su ingreso mensual, es decir, lo que gana...... or...
Determinar su ingreso mensual--lo que gana......

Which would be correct?

Thank you.

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    The double hyphen (--) in English is a legacy from mechanical typewriters that had no key for a dash (—). I would use the dash (raya) in Spanish rather than the double hyphen (guión) if posslble. I can think of no use of a double dash (——) in ordinary text.

    Your sentence could be written (1) separated by commas: "determinar su ingreso mensual, lo que gana antes de pagar contribuciones, ...", (2) enclosed in parentheses: "determinar su ingreso mensual (lo que gana antes de pagar contribuciones) ...", (3) with an explanation after a comma as in your second example, or (4) with dashes: "determinar su ingreso mensual —lo que gana antes de pagar contribuciones— ...".
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