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    Hi my dear friends

    I want to ask about the road sign Detour Ahead
    What does it mean??

    In fact, I didn't read it in a context. I read it on my way to another city but there were some works on the road because every 200 meters I could see a warning sign like Road Works till I saw the sign I have just asked you about Detour Ahead

    So, what does it mean?
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    A detour is where part of a route is closed (for example for road works or a construction site) and an alternative route is marked out with temporary road signs to divert traffic around the close section. This is called a detour is some parts of the world (and a diversion in others, if I am not mistaken).

    "Detour ahead" therefore means that a detour (or diversion) has been put in place further up the road, and therefore serves as a warning to drivers that they will be diverted from their usual route as a result.
  3. "Detour" is in the WR Dictionary, but here it has a more specific meaning. "Detour Ahead" means that the road is closed ahead of you and traffic is being routed onto other roads to bypass the area that is closed. This type of detour is official and specific, in that a certain route has been chosen for traffic to follow. In theory, there will be signs that say "Detour," with an arrow pointing the way along the route. In practice, it's very easy to miss a sign and get lost.

    Occasionally, the phrase "detour ahead" will be used metaphorically to mean that a digression from the main topic or event is anticipated.

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